by Shanna Swendson

May 2007
ISBN: 978-0-345-49292-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Trade Paperback

When we last saw Katie and Owen, they were sharing a smooch beneath the mistletoe at the company Christmas party. As the Yuletide season continues, Katie is invited to share Christmas with Owen and his parents. She is understandably nervous, yet excited that their relationship seems to be on track.

It all sounds perfectly normal doesn’t it? But nothing about Katie and Owen is normal these days. Katie Chandler, small-town Texas gal is in the Big Apple, working for the top-ranked magical company, led by Merlin himself. Owen Palmer is the head of R&D and a very powerful wizard. As a magical immune, Katie is very valuable since she can see the reality in the world, and spells and glamour have no effect on her.

In fact, her abilities have put her in some dangerous situations since joining Magic, Spells and Illusions, Inc. She seems to be a frequent target of a former employee, Idris, and his plans to discredit the firm.

In this third book about the magical side of Manhattan, author Shanna Swendson has a few more tricks up her sleeve. What does every young woman need when romance is in the air? A fairy godmother, of course! But Ethelinda has her own agenda and it may not mesh with Katie’s expectations.

Damsel Under Stress is another fast-paced charming novel that offers readers a little magic with their romance.

Reviewed in May 2007 by Paula.

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