by Jamie Carie

September 2007
ISBN: 9780805445336
Reviewer Graphic Button B & H Publishing Group
Mass Market Paperback

Jane gave birth to a baby girl she named Elizabeth out of wedlock, and her father, desperate for Jane to fulfill an arranged marriage managed to keep Elizabeth’s secret for two years. But now, he is sending Elizabeth off to an orphanage, against Jane’s wishes. Jane is heartbroken, and vows to someday find her daughter…

Noah Wesley hears a sound during a fierce Alaskan blizzard and goes to the door to investigate. Seeing nothing, he shuts the door, but God urges him to check again. Stepping outside, he sees a young lady, half dead, laying on his doorstep. He brings her in and attempts to save her life.

Elizabeth is shocked and horrified to wake up and discover herself in a bed and undressed, living with a man she doesn’t know. She’s gone to Alaska to look for gold, desperate for riches and the freedom it brings. Will she find gold—or something else?

Snow Angel is the debut novel of talented new author Jamie Carie. The writing style is more telling than showing, but there are some bits of good writing in there where I could actually begin to identify with the characters.

I did feel for Jane at the beginning of the book, having her baby taken away from her. I almost cried for her and hoped she’d find her child again. Noah was a kind considerate hero, though a bit awkward around people.

If you like historical frontier land stories set in the rugged northwest, you won’t want to miss Snow Angel.

Reviewed in September 2007 by Laura.

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