by Beth Ciotta

October 2007
ISBN: 978-1-932-81592-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

Romancing the West is the sequel to Lasso the Moon and I highly recommend the books be read in order as most of the characters are introduced in the first book.

Athens Garrett asks former lawman Seth Wright to travel to California and convince Emily McBride to move to Arizona and marry him – Athens, not Seth. Then Paris Grant, (formerly Garrett) asks Seth to travel to California because her best friend Emily is being blackmailed and she’s worried about her. She informs him that she’d sent a poet to check on Emily, but he got sidetracked along the way. Paris would like Seth to assume the poets’ identity since Emily would feel safer with him that way.

Preacher’s daughter Emily McBride has a secret, but someone knows what it is and is blackmailing her. Two men have proposed to her since the recent death of her parents, but she turns them both down, determined to be a strong independent woman. When Seth arrives she allows him to stay in her home, but she wants him gone as soon as possible. But as she spends more time with him they become friends.

Since the poet is a man who prefers other men, Seth has his hands full trying to appear uninterested in Emily. Even worse, he’s there to convince her to marry his boss, not fall in love with her himself.

All the Garrett brothers from the previous novel make another appearance in this story, and here’s hoping they all get their own books in the future.

Reviewed in September 2007 by Jackie.

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