by Kate Douglas

October 2002
ISBN: 1-84360-269-5
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As a major fan of anything by Kate Douglas, I was very interested to see that she’d taken on the short story challenge with this “Quickie” from Ellora’s Cave. Well, I should have guessed she’d not only rise to the challenge, but thump it soundly, shake it around a lot and wipe the floor with it!!

This fabulous tale unites a “menopausal broad” with a hero who’s a dream – in more ways than one. Ms. Douglas has managed to combine an erotically charged relationship with an exciting little adventure and has seasoned the mix with a dash of the paranormal. When you consider it’s all done in less than 30 pages, you’ll have an idea of the talent involved.

Right off the bat, Kate pulls her readers into the tale. Pulls us in by our entrails too, I might add, with a gripping and erotic scene that will have you reaching for iced water. Her heroine, Nita Franklin, is the chronicler of this story, and although not a big fan of first-person narratives, I have to confess that here it’s just right. Listening to Nita’s words and thoughts as she finally meets Martin Hawley, the man of her dreams, seems to lure us into sharing her erotic experiences and adds a touch of the personal that takes us beyond voyeurs and makes us into participants. And yes, folks, if you’re reading romanticas, that’s a very good thing!! Pass the fans, please.

It seems that this story is a short and efficient summation of everything romanticas should be... there is lust, passion, fabulous sex, and a great plot, all of which are being enjoyed by characters we like and are involved with after only a few paragraphs. Oh, and a great ending too!

I doubt that the short story genre can be done any better, so if you haven’t tried a romantica, start here. You’ll be a fan for life and, like me, eagerly awaiting more from Kate Douglas.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Celia.

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