by Amanda Scott

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-446-61856-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Edinburgh Scotland

June 1381

Lady Sidony Macleod was the youngest of the Macleod sisters. Demure Sidony stayed to the background away from the limelight her older sisters and their bold warrior husbands seemed to relish. Seeking respite from the chaos of court, Sidony decides she needs some quiet time by herself and goes off fishing, but unfamiliar with the area, she soon becomes lost. Sidony comes upon a handsome man on horseback who offers to help her find her way back. Assuming she is a maidservant from her attire and the fish she has just caught, the arrogant clod steals a passionate kiss from the stunned Sidony. Taking offense at the manís actions, (once she composes herself), Lady Sidony makes it quite clear to this oaf that she is no maid to be toyed with but a gentle bred lady, and emphasizes this point by smacking him full in the face with her fish!

Sir Gifford Maclennan has been summoned to Edinburgh by his fellow Knights Templar to smuggle a religious artifact out from under the zealot forces of the Earl of Fife and his cohort, the chevalier de Gredin. They want the infamous Templar treasure for their own devious purposes. Giff is on his way in answer to the call for his services when he discovers the alluring Lady Sidony lost and alone in the woods. Finding out she is the sister-in-law to several of his comrades makes it harder to avoid contact with the spirited beauty. Their passion grows along with the danger awaiting them as they try to get the relic to safety. Swept away onto the high seas, chased by the evil forces of Fife and de Gredin, the infamous King of Storms is Lady Sidonyís destiny.

USA Today bestselling author Amanda Scott pens her next chapter in the Macleod sister saga with King of Storms. Choppy in parts, and hard to follow due to the usage of the medieval/Scottish dialect, it is still a strong and fulfilling romance tale. Sir Giff is a good honorable hero wanting to do the right and noble thing for his lady and his mission to protect the treasure. Sidony, caught in a situation that would frighten anyone out of their wits, keeps hers about her and is determined to fight for Scotlandís clans right alongside her man.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Bonnie.

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