by Sahara Kelly

October 2002
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This book revolves around a timeless idea of magical lamps and genies. This is where the resemblence ends however. These particular genies do not actually grant any special wishes. They are there more as ancient teachers of arts and skills. They are there to help a woman discover herself. Discover her sensuality and passion. They have chosen to sacrifice their own futures and dedicate them to this teaching practice.

So what happens when they stumble upon one very special student? A student who realizes what they have sacrificed to make others happier? Is there a way to help the genies as they have helped her? In the space of what could be a day or months, depending on which time you look at, can this student think of a plan that will change the course of the genieís lives and their lands forever?

While filled with plenty of erotic encounters and fantasies, this story also has a plot that captures the interest of itís reader. So many erotic tales are so focused on the eroticism they leave out this essential element to any good story. While traveling between different times and worlds, the reader is drawn into this fantasy world and it makes the eroticism that more powerful and moving.

While the ending was mildly disappointing the rest of the story more than made up for that. This story showed originality in the characters and the development of their world. There is something in this story for everyone and I recommend reading it if you enjoy fantasy, eroticism, or time travel stories.

Reviewed in October 2002 by Katy.

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