by Jayne Ann Krentz

January 2002
ISBN: 0-399-14792-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam
Mass Market Paperback

When is a coincidence not a coincidence but a clue to some really nasty goings-on? That is the question Leonora Hutton must answer as she is sucked into the mystery surrounding her friend's apparent suicide. Complicating matters is Thomas Walker, hunk extraordinaire, who knows that the suicide may have covered a million-dollar fraud scheme.

Once the initial questions about embezzlement and suicide have been covered, Leonora and Thomas are free to begin unraveling the puzzle of the strange deaths that have been occurring in and around Mirror House - an unusual Gothic mansion that serves as an Alumni function center for a small Northwestern college. Yes, Leonora's friend Meredith was the second suicide - and that may well be one too many! Especially when she realizes that the first was Thomas's sister-in-law!

Once again, Ms. Krentz has managed to blend an interesting tale of murder and mayhem in a small town with a fiery and passionate romance. Thomas is everyone's idea of a perfect hero - handy with his tools (pun intended!!), and equipped with the perfect dog as a sidekick. (I note no mention of pooper-scooper laws in these books - I hope heroes and heroines watch where they step!) Leonora is intelligent, not afraid to speak her piece, and hesitant when it comes to falling into bed with the greatest guy she's ever met! In other words, she's a perfect Krentz heroine. While I liked "Lost and Found", Jayne Ann's most recent book, I think this one comes closer to her lighthearted and fun style of romance - the dialogue is well thought out and lightning-quick, and the situations delightful and realistic.

The secondary characters, Thomas's brother Deke and his wonderful yoga instructor Cassie, are perfect, as is Leonora's senior advice group! The tension is certainly present - in the plot and between the sheets, but there's also a touch of fun that has been missing from some of Ms. Krentz' most recent books. Even though there may be less in the way of steamy bedroom scenes between Thomas and Leonora, the passion that is evident is not diminished at all!

Given my reaction to "Lost and Found" and my disappointment in "Slightly Shady" (written as Amanda Quick), I was somewhat nervous when I began this latest Krentz book - especially as I had bought it in hardcover! However, I am very happy to say that my faith was rewarded - this is a great romance with just the right amount of suspense and I can heartily recommend it.

Reviewed in January 2002 by Celia.

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