by Karen Kingsbury

May 2007
ISBN: 978-0-8423-8747-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Tyndale
Trade Paperback

The Flanagan’s family’s teenage border, Cody Coleman, is a closet alcoholic, and the family is stunned when he comes home from a party suffering from an alcoholic overdose. He’s in a coma for days fighting for his life. The football team captains come by and confess their drinking problems to the coach too. Will Cody’s alcoholic poisoning bring about changes for the team, in addition to Cody’s own life?

Dayne Matthews and Katy Hart are finally getting married, but Katy is struggling with giving up her low profile life in exchange for trying to avoid the paparazzi that Dayne struggles with. Dayne wants to keep the wedding a secret, and he hires a wedding planner who promises she can. But can she deliver?

John Baxter has found a new love, but his children aren’t as accepting of Elaine as he would like. Admittedly she’s not Elizabeth, but it can’t be wrong for him to find someone else to love, especially since his children are growing up.

SUNRISE is the first book in the Sunrise Series, but it is a continuation of the all popular Baxter stories. Sometimes I felt the characters in the one story paralleled the author’s own life (at least what I know of it) as they have three adopted children from Haiti, and some of the things she mentions are the same as what she mentions in the dedications pages.

I didn’t feel this story came alive to me the way some of Ms. Kingsbury’s other books have. It fell sort of flat to me and I never did grow to care for the characters the way I would have liked. Maybe it would have helped if I’d read all the previous books in the Baxter series, but I hadn’t, so I really didn’t know the whole story behind all the characters. There is a faith message, expertly done, and it’s obvious Ms. Kingsbury knows her football—like she wrote the book while watching her son play.

If you are fans of Ms. Kingsbury’s Baxter family books, you won’t want to miss this new series. If you haven’t read that series, maybe you ought to pick up them before starting SUNRISE as it does not stand alone. Readers and fans might want to check to check on Baxter family updates and see what new books are in the works, or even connect with other fans. Discussion questions and a preview of the next book in the series Summer is included at the rear of the book.

Reviewed in May 2007 by Laura.

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