by Rida Allen

November 2002
ISBN: 0-595-24779-2
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The Legacy Tree is a great book. Since Rida Allenís debut novel Great Love, Iíve been eagerly awaiting her next release and The Legacy Tree doesnít disappoint.

Fast friends since the age of twelve, Robyn and Erik have always been able to talk to each other and share lifeís trials and tribulations. When after thirteen years of friendship Erik finally acts on the love heís long felt for Robyn and she responds, they spend a weekend together that alters their relationship irrevocably.

Neither is fully prepared to handle the change in their relationship and lack of communication leads Robyn to run from Erik and do her best to drive him away. As they both struggle to work through the changes wrought in their lives by one unforgettable weekend, Robyn is forced to come to some realizations about herself.

While there were times when I was fully prepared to strangle some sense into both Robyn and Erik, ultimately I liked these characters. From the time theyíre introduced as two kids meeting for the first time and bonding over a dog, I felt connected to them. I would not be satisfied unless they lived happily ever after. Nothing less would do.

I always think itís great when you glimpse the lead characters of a book when they are children, as you get to see what helps to form their characters. And itís obvious from early on that Erik is a guy with a lot of heart. He doesnít lose that as he grows up.

Robyn is a little different. Although, I definitely enjoyed reading about her character, I didnít click with her as well as with Erik. Probably due to some of the choices she made after the change in her relationship with Erik.

Also, as the author is known for her plus sized heroines I was expecting a more specific description of Robynís body type. Robyn is described as lush and soft by Erik and she herself states that she has a few extra pounds in several places, but it was a bit difficult to picture her without more to go one.

The Legacy Tree is a true love story about two people who are right for each other, but need to overcome their own fears and insecurities before they can reach out and grab the love that is waiting for them. Itís a story that makes you care about the characters right from the beginning. And itís a story thatís unbelievably easy to read, so much so that the time flies right by.

And so I find myself, once again, eagerly awaiting the next book to come from author Rida Allen.

Reviewed in October 2002 by JaToya.

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