by Amy Garvey

June 2007
ISBN: 0-7582-1591-6
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Trade Paperback

Room Service by Amy Garvey is not what I anticipated after reading the title of this book. It was so much better! Each character is so unique and I found that I could not wait to finish this book but also did not want it to end.

Olivia Callender is the owner of Callender House, a hotel that is a hundred years old. But it requires some work, lots actually. Olivia does not see this and a wake up call is in order. Her love is not just for the building but many people who have been living there or working there since she was a very young girl. Her father was once the owner of Callender House and her uncle who says he never wanted it is now making threats that it will be his.

Rhys Spencer is a British chef who has checked in to Callender House after bumping into Olivia in front of the building. He is on vacation and really just needs to get away from things until the big contest show in thirty days. But Rhys ends up doing more than just booking a room at Callender House. He is a chef back home and will he offer to help out when a chef is needed?

Olivia and Rhys have a night of the hottest sex and the attraction they have for each other is not something they can resist. After one night of heated passion with Rhys, Olivia wakes up and realizes her uncle's threats may become reality if she does not make some changes to the building she loves so much. Will there be other nights of fantasies for these two until Rhys has to leave? What wake up call will Rhys need about love?

Olivia has many friends who live in her hotel. Are all of those on staff there to help her or maybe hurt her? What about her uncle and his threats, will he become the new owner of her business as well as her home? Is Rhys and Olivia's relationship one of burning sex or is it really love? Does Rhys win the big money and come back or stay and open his own restaurant near his home?

This is a must read. All these questions will be answered in full. Ms. Garvey makes me wonder if another book is to follow on some of the secondary characters. I would love to read more about them.

Reviewed in June 2007 by Theresa.

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