by Anthology

June 2007
ISBN: 0-7582-1096-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Sun, Sand, Sex is an anthology that has two contemporary Romances and one that is a contemporary paranormal. Two of the stories, One Last Weekend and You Give Love a Good Name, kept me turning the pages but the last one, My Kind of Town was confusing when I first starting reading it. It does come together but I found myself discouraged with that story because they are not the type I like to read. I would recommend this book on the first two but the last was not my type of story.

Linda Lael Millerís, One Last Weekend has a couple, Joanna and Teague Darby, who are one step away from a divorce. Their lawyer, as well as their friend, has but one request - go to their cottage on the island and spend the weekend making sure this is what the two of them really want. Will the two of them be able to communicate? There are many issues that they need to work out, but are they willing to try? Oh and there is the problem of their dog, Sammy - they both want him. Then there is the new car Teague bought without discussing it with Joanna. Will the storm that hits the island and pretty much shuts it all down help them in the end to work things out? Can these two admit the love that they have for each other or call it quits?

You Give Love a Good Name by Jennifer Apodaca will make you laugh at what Lexie Rollins has done to defend herself from a client, the groom that is. Lexie has been running her Motherís wedding planner business while she is recovering from a heart attack, but she is hiding out now. Whom does she see but a former clients relative, Nick Vardolous, who is thinking about changing jobs, but at this time he is a bounty hunter. Right now his job is to get Lexie back to town for her court date until Nick realizes that Lexie is not running from that but other things. Will her own family be concerned or think she is just lying to everyone? Will Nick help her? What about the attraction that is between them? He is a one-night stand kind of guy and Lexie doesnít just jump into bed with anyone. Will they be able to get together?

Shelly Laurenstonís, My Kind of Town is the paranormal story that has someone who can switch and the other a witch. After a car wreck in Smithville, North Carolina, Deputy Kyle Treharne is at the scene and fine Miss Emma Lucchesi from New York not to be badly hurt. Demanding she go to the hospital there are question on how fast her injuries are healing. This brings up some questions with not only the staff but also the Deputy. What is she hiding? Better still what are the people in Smithville hiding? These two characters have dreams of incredible sex between the two of them. Will they act on them? Will it happen? Why is there such a pull for Emma in this town? Will she stay?

Reviewed in June 2007 by Theresa.

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