by Julia London

May 2002
ISBN: 0-440-23694-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

The Secret Lover is the forth and final book in Julia Londonís ďThe Rogues of Regent StreetĒ series. This is Caleb Hamiltonís story.

Raised on the Continent by his mother, Caleb returns to London to his ailing father. In his wake is scandal as old as he is. His mother fled to the Continent taking her young son with her, leaving behind Calebís father and an older brother that Caleb does not know. Trevor Hamilton is very suspicious of Caleb, accusing him of being an impostor trying to worm his way into the family in order to gain wealth and power. Caleb wants none of these things, but his ill father cannot communicate that Caleb is truly his son, as he is paralyzed and cannot talk.

Eight years after fleeing England in the wake of a terrible scandal, Sophie Dane returns no longer the trusting young woman betrayed by love. Companion to a worldly French widow, she returns to London where her arrival sets tongues wagging throughout the ton and attracts the roving eye of Trevor Hamilton, who is in need of marrying a wealthy woman. Although flattered by Trevorís attention and the fact that he is willing to overlook her past life, it is his brother Caleb that she really wants.

As Sophie and Caleb get to know each other better, they form a sort of bond that only they can understand. Both surrounded by scandal, they turn to each other for support. An unexpected series of events sets them both in flight once more and as scandal follows them yet again to a remote ancestral home, they must find the strength to overcome lies and betrayal - but at what cost?

The Secret Lover is a wonderful story of love betrayed and true love found. Sophie is written as a very strong yet scarred woman, who once put her love and faith into the hands of a man who betrayed her, and she must now find the courage to trust again. Caleb is the product of a love match that was never publicly recognized. Now he must have the strength to save the woman he loves from further scandal and save his beloved father from someone who wants him dead, and it may cost him his only brother.

Julia London is one of the most sensual writers of our time. Any book with her name on the cover is a must read.

Reviewed in October 2002 by Debbie.

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