by Jacquie D`Alessandro

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-123138-4
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Mass Market Paperback

The Marquess of Langston, Matthew Davenport, is searching for a wife. He has invited a select group of ladies to his home to choose from. Sarah Moorehouse is attending the house party as a companion to her sister. She is not on his list of eligible ladies which is just fine with Sarah. She is content with her life. Besides, she has the Ladies Literary Society of London to keep her occupied during her stay at Langston Manor.

Matthew inherited a slew of debts upon the death of his father and he pledged to keep the family from ruin. To fulfill that pledge he needs to marry a rich woman. There is another option, one he hopes will work. Before Matthew’s father passed away he spoke of money hidden on the estate. If he finds the money then his problems will be solved and there will no longer be the need to marry.

Sarah spies Matthew leaving the garden with shovel in hand in the middle of the night. He claims to be an avid gardener, but after asking the Marquess a few questions it is evident that the man knows absolutely nothing of horticulture. He is up to something and Sarah’s vivid imagination refuses to ignore it. She will find out what Matthew is doing.

Matthew is intrigued by Sarah. She is nothing like the other women. Against his better judgment he finds himself drawn to her. She is always on his mind and his eyes immediately search her out when he enters a room. Unfortunately, once the house party is over he can never see her again. Since he has yet to find the money it looks as though he will be marrying one of her friends. Why couldn’t she have been born an heiress?

His hopes are renewed when Sarah begins to help him in the search for the hidden money. But danger has entered the garden with them. If they can’t find the money Matthew and Sarah will not be able to be together. If they do find the money it may very well cost them their lives.

Sleepless at Midnight by Jacquie D’Alessandro is an absolute delight! It is my first read by this author but I intend to find her backlist. I am also looking forward to the continuation of this new series, Mayhem in Mayfair.

The love story between Matthew and Sarah is both sweet and sexy. Their characters are well developed and believable. Readers will be cheering them on as they fight for their love. There is also a funny subplot involving Frankenstein. Sleepless at Midnight is a treasure and not to be missed.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Rho.

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