by Margo Maguire

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-125626-4
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Mass Market Paperback

North Cumbria Coast, late summer 1813

Sarah Granger had more problems then she knew what or how to deal with. Governess, and now guardian of the two orphaned children of Captain Barstow of Ravenfield, Sarah knew it was only a short time before she, the children, and their housekeeper were evicted from the estate by its new heir.

Sarah grew up ostracized by the villagers of nearby Craggleton because of her father’s drinking, and when Sarah was left orphaned she was shuttled from home to home serving her benefactors as nothing more then slave labor. Sarah was providing for the girls by selling her jams and baked goods to the same villagers who held her in disdain. The girls and Sarah were combing the beach for cockles to sell when they stumbled across what appears to be a bunch of sea soaked rags, but upon closer inspection realize that it is a near naked man! A very large, very handsome one indeed! Sarah knows that her already shaky reputation is on the line, but cannot leave the poor soul on the beach to die; she summons all her inner strength and manages to get the man back to the house.

Brogan MacLochlainn is a Druzai warrior from 900 hundred years in the past. Brogan has time traveled in the hopes of finding the lost blood stones that could help save his people from the vicious witch Ellinora who slew Brogan’s father the chieftain of Coruain and stole his scepter. Heeding his cousin’s vision of where the stones were hidden Brogan and his brother had each gone in search of them. Brogan’s quest leads him to the Ravenfield estate. Strangely drawn to the Tuath woman who saved his life, Brogan hides his true identity from her claiming he is merely a lost traveler from Scotland named “Brendan.” Brendan/Brogan asks for a chance to study the ruins of Ravenfield castle. Brogan searches for the lost stone and eludes the evil forces of Ellinora as much as he can without using his magic, but he seems to keep getting side tracked by the alluring Sarah and her mounting troubles. Taken aback by their growing desires it is just a matter of time to when they both submit to A Warrior’s Taking!

Margo Maguire has done it again! I predict A Warrior’s Taking will climb the bestseller lists this summer. An awesome combination of romance and marvelously detailed characters that come to life from the pages, plus just enough mystery to keep your imagination flowing. I was a bit disappointed that the climatic ending is told very quickly, and that some issues are left unresolved, but I suppose that is what sequels are for.

Reviewed in June 2007 by Bonnie.

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