by Donna Fletcher

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-113626-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands

Sara McHernís time is up, she needs a husband and she needs one now! When Sara rejects the repulsive suitor her father betrothed to her, Sara is sent to Stilmere Abbey. Donald McHern warned his headstrong daughter that she either marries or take the veil. Neither option is to Saraís liking. While on her knees praying for a suitable husband (preferably one that practices good hygiene), fugitive highlander Cullen Longton appears demanding his infant son returned to him! Sara makes an offer to Cullen, marriage to her in exchange for the whereabouts of his son.

While attending his daughter Alaina during her childbirth, Sara overhears the plot of the evil Earl of Balford to murder his bastard grandson. Sara makes a promise to Alaina and steals the baby away from the convent, hiding him with a trusted source. Sara fabricates an intricate lie so the abbess and the earlís soldiers believe the baby died soon after birth. The earlís rebellious daughter had been Cullenís lover, and is later killed by her fatherís hand trying to help Cullen escape her fatherís dungeons. Before dying, Alaina tells Cullen their son lives and to seek the answers to his whereabouts at the Abbey.

Having no choice but to go along with Saraís scheme if Cullen is ever to be reunited with his son, they quickly marry and set out for Saraís home. Cullen never thought to desire a woman again after losing his beloved Alaina, but the feisty highland lass is becoming an important part of his life. Could Cullen take his son and be off for America, and leave Sara behind? The love they discover in each others arms may be the one thing that saves them from the Earl who would see them all destroyed!

A sweet, touching follow-up to Donna Fletcherís Taken by Storm, The Highlanderís Bride will charm you. There is a tedious and slow building love story between bold hero Cullen and courageous heroine Sara, but the emotional pay-off is well worth the effort!

Reviewed in June 2007 by Bonnie.

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