by Margaret Moore

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77240-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Castle Averette

England, 1204

Sir Bayard de Boisbaston was sent to Castle Averette by his older brother Armand and new sister-in-law Adelaide to look after its people, especially Adelaideís younger sister, Lady Gillian DíAverette. These were troubled times, and treason against the king was running rampant through the land. Sir Bayard, whose reputation as a ruthless warrior was only preceded by his prowess in the bedroom with the ladies, was a very notorious knight!

A handsome face combined with a godlike body would not melt Lady Gillianís stone encased heart. Gillian had sworn off marriage along with her two sisters after witnessing first hand her fatherís abusive behavior towards her mother. Now free of her fatherís rule, Gillian governs Castle Averette and its people. She requires no man to tell her how to run things and is floored by this arrogant knight who has taken over her castle and her life! What throws Gillian even more is the news that Adelaide broke their vow and married this ogreís brother, thus making him now part of her family!

Soon Gillianís front begins to crumble as she sees Bayard for who he really is, a brave caring man who would lay down his life for her and her people. If Gillian and Bayard were to give in to the temptation of their growing feelings to each other there could never be a happy out come, the church forbids such unions as theirs would be. The threat to the safety of Castle Averette is growing more ominous. Bayard vows to keep Gillian safe even at the ultimate sacrifice of their newfound love.

The Notorious Knight is the second in Margaret Mooreís latest trilogy, the Averette sisters. Gillian, the middle sister and her hero Sir Bayard de Boisbaston who we met in the first book My Lordís Desire have many obstacles to overcome. The biggest being the church law forbidding them to marry. The court intrigue that was plotted out in the first book carries over in this one, continuing on with a familiar villain, so if you have not read the first you may need to reconsider and do. The ending gives a cliff hanger alluding to the third sister and of course we anxiously await Margaret Moore to get that book out ASAP!

Reviewed in June 2007 by Bonnie.

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