by Gerry Bartlett

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21534-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Gloriana St. Claire is a plus-sized vampire. She has moved to Texas to start her own business, a shop selling vintage clothing. All is going well until one night her shop is set on fire. The first suspect who comes to mind is Westwood, the vampire hunter Glory knows only too well. When her on-again off-again beau hears of what happened he shows up with yet another bodyguard for her. Blade agrees that Westwood is responsible and sets off to find him. She’s not alone. Richard Mainwaring shows up to help Glory after Blade leaves. Thankfully, Richard doesn’t harbor a grudge after she ran over his precious motorcycle. Now, if she can control her libido long enough to save her neck.

A compelling voice has been plaguing Glory lately and it’s not Valdez. It sounds familiar to her and she has to fight to keep from being whammied by it. Come to find out that voice belongs to a lover from her past. The reason she isn’t able to remember him is he wiped her memory because she’d been too clingy. His name is Greg Kaplan and he is there because he’d heard her name from the EV’s, or rather, the Energy Vampires. Apparently, Glory’s fear of shape-shifting has resulted in her power being stored up to an impressive level and that has attracted the attention of Greg’s boss, Simon Destiny. He is an Energy Vampire who steals power from make Vampire Viagra. Worse yet, the evil Destiny is Glory’s friend’s new lover and dealer.

Simon can make anyone see what they want to see and uses that ability against them. Her friend is addicted to VV and now Glory and the others have to get her away from Simon while trying to keep Glory’s own power safe. In the process Glory must face her greatest fear.

Gerry Bartlett’s second Gloriana St. Clair novel is an entertaining follow-up to Real Vampires have Curves. This one is a stand alone read, but reading the first book will enhance the reading experience. Real Vampires Live Large is action-packed, hot, and filled with Ms. Bartlett’s hilarious wit.

Reviewed in June 2007 by Rho.

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