by Megan Sybil Baker

October 2002
ISBN: 1-55316-100-9
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Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

Having just two seconds ago completed An Accidental Goddess, my opinion of this book is completely clear to me. But I wonít say it again. Instead Iíll do what Iím suppose to and tell you what I loved about this book.

Where to start? First, we start off with an absolutely amazing heroine. Captain Gillaine, Kiasidira, Ciran Rothalla Davrť. Yeah, I know, a mouthful. Gillie is all independent women. Sheís smart, resourceful, funny, and a long list of other things that youíll have to find out about when you read the book.

Admiral Rynan Makarian is an equally wonderful character with all the positive traits that Gillie herself possesses, with the possible exception of funny. While he isnít particularly humorous, he, like Gillie, is a satisfyingly real character. Their personalities are fully developed as An Accidental Goddess progresses and the reader will feel like they know these characters before the book is finished.

When Gillie and her sentient space craft are sent through Rift Space to three hundred and forty years in the future, the last thing she expects to find are love and herself deified. Likewise, Rynan never expects to fall in love with the woman he believes to be a smuggler. Much less the Goddess heís prayed to his entire life.

As Gillie and Rynan handle an invasion by foes thought to be long dead, Gillie struggles with how much to tell Rynan about herself and the possibility that heíll hate her for lying to him or even worse, put her on a pedestal as the Goddess he worships.

Megan Sybil Baker knows her stuff and creates a story that is skillfully woven. An Accidental Goddess is a story of time travel, love and good triumphing over evil that readers will find it hard to tear their attention away from. You should definitely find a comfortable, padded chair to put in front of your computer before you begin reading, because thereís a good chance that you, like me, wonít move from your computer desk for longer than it takes to go to the bathroom while reading this.

This is an ebook that I may buy in print just so I can reread it again when and where the mood strikes me.

Reviewed in October 2002 by JaToya.

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