by Zannie Adams

March 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4199-0966-5
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Cali Ross has always had some sort of feelings for wealthy Kent Landon. As a young eighteen-year-old, her feelings revolved around loathing mixed with reluctant desire but after twenty years away from Chicago, she has put Kent out of her mind. And the desire he inspired in her. Still single at thirty-eight, Cali is an accomplished reporter, a sexy single and though she has not found Mr. Right quite yet, she’s not so cynical as to believe he is not out there. However, seeing Kent Landon again after twenty years is a surprise she did not see coming. Nor did she expect the immediate sexual tension between them, or their one-night stand.

Kent has been a closed book most of his life. He has always hidden his emotions behind a hard façade and his life reflects that. He dates shallow women, only forms superficial relationships with them, and certainly never lets them get close. But after their one-night stand, he can’t get Cali out of his mind. He wants more, and so does she. Before they quite realize how it has happened, one-night, two nights, even three nights turns into an emotional and tempestuous affair neither ever expected. Their barriers are breaking down quickly and neither is sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Renaissance is the highly moving love story between two very mature and settled adults. Cali is a self-assured woman of her own. She’s not rich beyond imagination but she has a comfortable life and makes a comfortable living. Good friends and a close relationship with her father keep her grounded. However, Kent proves to be a man she can’t quite crack. Cali is aware getting involved with him may lead to disaster, but the feelings he inspires in her lead her down the path of love anyway. Cali is a woman readers will easily admire and enjoy spending a story with.

Kent, while very jaded and way too closed to his emotions, is still the alpha male of women’s dreams. Slowly but surely, he reveals pieces and parts of himself to Cali, making their courtship a long one, but one that is right for them. Sex drew them together but Zannie Adams skillfully weaves a love story where so much more holds them together and keeps their relationship real. The ending in particular felt true to their personalities and their relationship, it wasn’t smooth or perfect, but it worked for them. Renaissance is a refreshing, distinct story that proves that love can find us at any age and make us realize once again just how special it is.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Sarah.

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