by Linda Hudson-Smith

May 2002
ISBN: 1-583-14343-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

Sambra Sinclair is in big trouble! Her business may be subject of a hostile take over, her mother has come back from the dead, and she has recklessly fallen in love with her competition. All of these events are causing Sambra to question her own life. What really made her parents marriage end? Who can she trust? And more importantly who is stealing money from Sambra's business, De La Brise. Sambra must hang on to her business; her father would have wanted it that way. However, dealing with her problems at work is becoming too much for this lady and she desperately needs some help.

Craig never meant to fall in love when he tagged along on one of his company's business trips. He just wanted to simply take over De La Brise, a small dinner cruise line. But nothing in life is ever simple and that includes the business's owner Sambra. One look and Craig is head over heels in love with her. Too bad she has this tendency to run away when things get tough. Craig soon realizes that he does not want to take over De la Brise and asks Sambra to marry him and become partners in order to preserve her business.

Faced with overwhelming odds Sambra agrees to the marriage and together Craig and Sambra try to start their lives together. Can their marriage survive the betrayal of Sambra's mother, stealing by De La Brise's trusted employees, and a lack or trust on Sambra's part and a lack of understanding on Craig's. Together, these two people must find a way to save De La Brise and their hearts.

Linda Hudson-Smith's book Island Interlude, is an interesting romance about two enemies who fall in love and then must deal with the consequences. I enjoyed the story line very much and the secondary characters really caught my attention as they propelled the story along. The romance was sweet and delightful. However, I found the character of Sambra to be slightly annoying, mostly because she continually ran away from this wonderful man who was attempting to help her. This really made the character appear weak to me. Sambra never really seemed to make a stand about anything. I did not feel as if this character deserved Craig's love. He appears to bend over backwards for her and continually tells her he loves her. In return, she refuses to trust him and appears a tiny bit childish. Overall this romance is a wonderful read but the annoying main character made the story drag a bit for me.

Reviewed in October 2002 by Jen.

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