by Lynn Emery

November 2002
ISBN: 0-06-008928-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Books
Mass Market Paperback

Talia Marchand thought she has successfully buried her past. A successful political consultant Talia is working in Washington D.C. when the past shows up. When Derrick Guillory reappears in her life, Talia must face the past and rediscover herself and the meaning of family.

Talia grew upon on the wrong side of the tracks. Burdened with a mother who drank and did drugs, Talia spent her childhood in and out of foster homes. Now Talia spends her life as a lobbyist for big name companies but always finds time to help with welfare reform and lobby for some nonprofit organizations. Talia is stunned to discover that her mom, who has been in jail for years might not be guilty of the crime that put her there. Talia must finally face her past in order to have a future with the man she loves.

Derrick knows all about Talia's past. Growing up in the same small town, Derrick always tried to help Talia deal with her situation. He understands how badly Talia wants her mother to stay in the past. As an investigator for the Pointe Coupee Parrish D. A. office, he is helping to reopen and investigate Talia's mother's case.

Talia and Derrick must discover what happened to Talia's mother and who set her up to take the fall before the danger that surrounds them puts an end to both of them. Talia must come to terms with her past and rediscover who she has become. Talia loves Derrick but will that be enough to hold on to in her time of despair? Derrick has always loved Talia but will his love be enough to soothe the betrayal of many? And can Derrick protect Talia and solve the case, before those responsible for Talia's mother`s jail sentence catch on to what he is doing?

Lynn Emery's newest novel All I Want Is Forever, is a wonderful book about two people coming to understand and respect their pasts in order to have a future together. This was a sweet love story and buried is a really great suspense read, not something a reader often finds. I really though that the characterization of the book was wonderful and the plot well thought out, the dialogue between the characters was crisp and well planned. This book captured my attention and did not let go, the unique story line drew me in gave this book its edge on the competition. This is a wonderful book for a cold winter night!

Reviewed in October 2002 by Jen.

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