by Sophia Nash

June 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-123136-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Rosamunde Baird has paid thrice over for a youthful mistake. Cutoff from her family except her sister Sylvia, she has borne her repentance bravely. Now widowed and in dire straits, she has received an invitation to join the Widows Club sponsored by the Dowager Duchess of Helston. Only desperation could bring her within miles of the Helston estate, yet her she is, with the ever-faithful Sylvia.

Luc St. Aubyn, the Duke of Helston, would rather be anywhere but at Amberley, but he has opened the ducal estate for his sisterís wedding, and at his beloved grandmotherís insistence. Having a house full of society people is sure to give him indigestion, and his grandmotherís widows are no exception. His commission in the Royal Navy has taught him the virtue of duty and bravery, so he will be welcoming, even charming, while he wishes he was alone in the library with quill in hand, completing his book about Trafalgar. Of course, no one knows the duke is an author, which is just the way he wants it to remain.

Sophia Nash honed her writing skills with Signet Regencies and anyone who has read her early books knows that she is a fantastic author with a deft hand at characterization and plot. A Dangerous Beauty is the culmination of her hard work and research. This novel engages the readerís interest at the outset and sets them on a course of every possible emotion. From laugh-out-loud amusement to heart-wrenching tears, this novel will leave you emotionally exhausted. Rosamunde is the bravest heroine I have encountered this year, and seeing her triumph is especially rewarding. Luc wants to be a big, bad rogue in the worst way. There is just one impediment Ė he is a true gentleman and a hero for the ages.

If you love historical romance, then run to the bookstore right away, while A Dangerous Beauty is still on the shelves. It wonít last long!

Reviewed in June 2007 by Paula.

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