by Janelle Denison

November 2002
ISBN: 0-373-79065-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #61
Mass Market Paperback

Noah has been the playboy - love them and leave them, no attachments or commitments from him. That is until he meets Natalie at a local bar. Noah is frustrated in a big way as to why Natalie will not go out with him. He can see she is attracted to him when they talk, banter back and forth at the bar. But she still refuses him. That is until one fateful night when Natalie's former life comes crashing in on her and he happens to be with her.

Natalie has been badly hurt in the past and she does not want to open herself up to anyone including the all too charming Noah Sommers. She is trying to hide from an ex-boyfriend who won't let her go and is stalking her. She refuses to go out with Noah even for dinner or a coffee. Even though she is attracted to Noah in a big way - she can sense when he is near. Not only can she sense when he is near but also she is not letting the sparks that are flying around them ignite into something bigger and better.

Natalie having amnesia brings these two lives together and all her feelings for Noah come to the surface. This is a story of love gone wrong, to a love that can never be, before the amnesia, to a love that is kindled after an accident. Can Natalie turn him from a playboy into until-death-do-us-part? But can the love between Noah and Natalie continue after she gets her memory back?

The Ultimate Seduction is the third in "The Seduction" trilogy by Janelle Denison. The Ultimate Seduction is Noah's story and the last one. If you have read the previous two in the trilogy you will not be disappointed in Noah's story. It has all the sexual tension, innuendos, and sex that you come to expect from Janelle Denison. Even though this is a trilogy, The Ultimate Seduction can stand-alone. We get to meet Cole and Melodie, and Jo and Dean and find out what has been happening in their lives since we left them.

Reviewed in October 2002 by Pam.

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