by Marjorie M. Liu

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-8439-5766-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Since childhood Kitala Bell has known she was ďdifferent.Ē A gifted violinist, Kit displays her magic through her music. Kit looks at people and can ďseeĒ their death, something Kit tries to keep hidden. Her parents never wanted to discuss Kitís ďgift,Ē only her beloved grandmother, old Jazz Marie, encouraged Kit to explore her powers. The recent death of Jazz Marie has left Kit bereft, but Kit has resumed her concert tour.

While performing in Vancouver, Kit looks out into the audience and sees the horrific death of a young beautiful woman. Unable to let this woman leave without warning her, Kit follows and is soon caught up in a bizarre twist when both she and the girl are kidnapped. Trying to fight off her attackers Kit is rescued by a strange man who ďsingsĒ her assailants to their deaths. Drawn to this man, Kitala is thrown even deeper into intrigue when he tells her to run from him as quickly as she can, for he wasnít there to rescue her, he was following her to take her soul!

MíCal is half Krackeni, a merman. Born to a Krackeni father and a human mother, MíCal has never fit in anywhere. Isolated from both worlds, MíCal had falsely been led into believing he had found love with a beautiful witch who enslaved him, forcing MíCal to use his ability to sing souls away from their bodies and feed the witchís power. The witch wants Kitala Bellís soul and has demanded that MíCal bring it to her, but once MíCal finds Kit and sees the danger she is in from other sources, he knows he must help her not hurt her. Yet, the spell of the witch on him is compelling but Kitís power over MíCal is stronger. The power of love could win out, if only they can outrun the ever growing power of evil!

Action, romance, suspense, fantasy, and a whole lot more await you in Marjorie M. Liuís latest Dirk and Steele adventure, Soul Song. There are some familiar faces from past books along the way, but this is strictly Kitala Bell and MíCalís story. You wonít want to miss one exciting moment of this page turner. Warning the book is very graphic and not for the squeamish, but Soul Song is a fantastic paranormal read! Bring it on Marjorie M. Liu, you have honed your craft with this one, and each Dirk and Steele book gets better and better!

Reviewed in June 2007 by Bonnie.

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