by Allyson James

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21589-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

San Francisco, California

Things are complicated enough for Lisa Singleton with her marriage ending, her beloved Asian grandmother Li Na’s death, and her crazy job as an assistant to the biggest cooking show diva ever to hit the network airwaves! Lisa has not only inherited Li Na’s comfortable San Francisco apartment filled with priceless Chinese art and antiquities, but she also inherited her grandmother’s protector, a fifty foot golden dragon named Caleb who lives in the guest bedroom closet which doubles as a portal to Caleb’s realm of dragon space! Lisa was getting used to her new “roommate” who listens to Lisa pour her heart out about her troubles and sooth the loneliness of Lisa’s life with his dragon magic and fun sense of humor. Nights spent watching TV and listening to comforting music, bonds the two and makes male dragon and human female the best of friends. If only Caleb could have more with Lisa.

Enslaved hundreds of years ago by witches who learned Caleb’s true dragon name, Caleb must now serve any witch who summons him. A modern coven led by a mysterious witch named Donna has placed Caleb under orders to “protect” Lisa and her magic from the clutches of a black dragon that was also ensorcelled and living in human form in San Francisco. The black wants Lisa’s magic to help him break his spell and return home to dragon space. Caleb asks one of the younger witches to help him become human, claiming in that form he could do more to keep Lisa safe. When Lisa arrives home for another evening of watching late night talk shows with the only friend she feels she has, Lisa is stunned to see the six foot six blond blue eyed naked hunk who is waiting instead of her dragon companion. Yet Lisa immediately recognizes this man, it is Caleb! The Dragon Heat just got turned up a notch!

Allyson James aka Jennifer Ashley kicks off a new paranormal series with Dragon Heat a sexy scorcher that you should handle with care. Get ready to rock the dragon way with mighty warrior hero Caleb, and his lady love Lisa as they fight the forces of both witches and a mysterious black dragon named Malcolm and find time in between to send up the temps to boiling with erotic love scenes you will not easily forget!.

Reviewed in June 2007 by Bonnie.

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