by Lynne Connolly

November 2002
ISBN: 1-59105-015-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.

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Are you ready for a marvelous historical romance? Some passion amongst the wilds of Devonshire? Lynne Connolly has continued the story of her characters Richard, Lord Strang, and his fiancee, Rose Golightly (from her novel Yorkshire) and this time they have returned to Rose’s home, hence the title.

The Devon geography plays a very important role in this tale, and those readers familiar with this period of British history will recognize the vital necessity of secluded coves and bays to the ‘Free Traders’, the ‘Gentlemen’ — yes, the smugglers. Perhaps the most amazing feature of this story is how strongly the plot merges with Rose and Richard’s continuing romance. We’ve seen it before in books by the likes of Linda Howard and Nora Roberts, but only occasionally in a historical romance, and rarely in one featuring such complex and gentle characters.

Rose comes to life for me in this book. I felt as if I was inside her skin, feeling her fears, her hopes, and her deep and unhesitating love for Richard. Richard also became much less of an enigma, allowing glimpses of his true feelings for Rose to peek through his gentlemanly demeanor. And when the doors are closed, leaving the two alone — well this time there is no doubt as to where these two lovers belong.

If Yorkshire was a mannered romance, then Devonshire is an untamed affair, full of life, excitement, adventure and passion. The secondary characters continue in their proscribed roles, and each one seems to have emerged into a more vibrant and colorful existence. Ms. Connolly has written a spellbinding sequel that offers even more than her first book in this series. I found myself engrossed, engaged and enraged, and very much involved with everyone in the story. The first book was a delicate watercolor — this is a bright and colorful oil painting, entrancing readers with its skilful plot and beautifully drawn love affair.

More, please, Lynne Connolly – there have to be more tales of these people now that you’ve brought them so vividly to life for your readers. A very strong recommendation for any historical romance fan. (Note - also available in paperback from the publisher.)

Reviewed in October 2002 by Celia.

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