by Claudia Dain

March 2000
ISBN: 0-8439-4692-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

To pick up a Claudia Dain book is to be constantly surprised. Having traveled with her stories to Roman England, and to Medieval times, I was surprised to find myself on board a pirate ship in the early seventeen hundreds within the first few pages of this novel.

Lydia McIntyre is traveling home to Virginia Colony from Eleuthera in the Caribbean when her ship is captured and its crew slain. She has to make some very hard decisions, but her spirit tells her that she must do whatever is necessary to survive. And her key to survival? Captain ďDanĒ. Allowing him to take her as his trophy and his woman saves her life, if not her honor. But Dan does more than save her hide, he steals her heart.

The passion that is compressed into the two days Dan and Lydia spend together on board Danís ship is extraordinary. Theirs is a no-holds-barred affair that burns hotter than the sun. Lydiaís innocence is consumed by her lust for the pleasure she finds in Danís arms. So far, so good. But as Iíve come to expect from Ms. Dain, her story takes a swerve off course and sends her readers on a different journey. This time, it is one that follows Lydia as she tries to return to her life before Dan and reconcile her real existence with her innermost yearnings.

Complicating matters is the arrival of Dan himself, in his real persona, a respectable citizen of Virginia Colony. Both share a facade that they present to the world, and both hide the seething emotions that explode between them at the slightest touch.

For a story with a limited amount of actual sensuality (only the first couple of chapters), this is one hot romance. Ms. Dain has led us inside Lydia and Dan and let us feel the lust and desire burning inside them. Itís hotter than anything Iíve read lately Ė much more intense than other books that are more explicit.

If youíre looking for some sizzle and some truly intense romance, then this book is certainly a recommendation for you.

Reviewed in October 2002 by Celia.

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