by Karen Chance, Eileen Wilks, Patricia Briggs, Sunny

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21659-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Patricia Briggs begins this anthology with Alpha and Omega, which starts off a new series set in the same world as her Mercedes Thompson series. Werewolf Anna is treated as the weakest member of her pack but that doesn’t stop her from phoning the Marrok when she learns some disturbing news. Charles Cornick, the Marrok’s son and enforcer, arrives to check out the pack and get some answers. He certainly never expected to meet the werewolf who calls to his own.

Inhuman by Eileen Wilks may be book six in her World of the Lupi series, but I feel it stands very well on its own. Kai can sense the thoughts of those around her, though as far as her friends know, she’s am empath. Her neighbor Nathan stirs all sorts of feelings inside her, but she doesn’t even know what he is. When a supernatural killer makes Kai look like the killer, Nathan and Kai are thrown together, and must face their secret feelings, as well as try to stay alive.

The third story in this anthology is Buying Trouble by Karen Chance. As far as I know, this story is unrelated to her other books. Claire works at an auction house where her ability to mute the power of those around her insures the protection of the items up for bid. But when Claire finds herself on the auction block, she’s desperate to escape. Heidar and Claire find themselves in a bad situation and her bodies’ reaction to the Fey doesn’t help with their escape plans. But it certainly makes things interesting as Claire learns quite a bit about herself as a result.

Sunny rounds off this amazing quartet with Mona Lisa Betwining. Not having read the previous books in this series – although that’s something I’m going to rectify very quickly – I was easily able to follow the story, but a major event was revealed which will give away much for those who haven’t yet read this series. Mona Lisa and two of her guards must travel to the High Court where she is to be questioned about her part in the death of Queen Mona Louisa. When in the presence of the demon Lucinda, she has a painful reaction and learns she may have inherited something from Mona Louisa she wants absolutely no part of. Her guard Dontaine is the only one who can help her; she just hopes she doesn’t kill him in the process. This story is definitely the most sensual of the four and contains a rather graphic scene.

While these four stories are all very different – some more urban fantasy, others romance – they are very complementary and blend to create a fabulous book. Every story offers a different type of paranormal setting and style. While I prefer the longer stories by these authors, this book is a very nice treat while we wait.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Jackie.