by Melody Carlson

June 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4000-7313-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Waterbrook Press
Trade Paperback

Cassidy Cantrell has it happening. She’s in line for a wonderful promotion at her marketing job, seeing this wonderful Christian man, and she’s spent a fortune on a chic pair of designer boots to build her image.

But when she finally wears the boots her world falls apart. She is fired from her job. Her boyfriend breaks up with her. And she discovers that her identity has been stolen. What can Cassidy do but run home to Mama. After all, Mama’s gone through a hard time too.

When Cassidy gets home, she discovers that her middle age, frumpy mother has totally reinvented herself. She lost weight, colored her hair, traded in the family car for a sports car and is dating a man only one year older than Cassidy! Cassidy is envious, and not really sure how to handle the changes. What will it take for her to jump back into life?

I have read several of Melody Carlson’s books and loved them, and These Boots Weren't Made For Walking was just as enjoyable. I could identify some with Cassidy, after all, she wants to be married and have children, but it’s like she has the plague and no one wants to be around her. I was proud of Cassidy for reaching out to a man who’d also been hurt, a man that Cassidy considered a loser, and trying to comfort him, especially in light of the fact that she’d just gone through a lot herself.

Written in a fun, sassy style, it is true to the chick lit genre. I wondered what it would take to get Cassidy to wake up and try to take life by its horns again. The faith message is there, but I was a bit disappointed that drinking was acceptable behavior. All in all, These Boots Weren't Made For Walking was a fun read and the reader can’t help but feel for Cassidy.

Reviewed in May 2007 by Laura.

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