by Anna Dynowski

February 2007
ISBN: 1-59431-421-7
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C J's sister hires Tessa to look after the ranch office while she has her baby. C J isn't too happy as he feels she has something to hide.

Tessa arrives at the ranch to search for her real mother. When she finds her she is afraid to reveal who she really is. When her ex-husband left her with many harsh words about her Polish birth parents she is very demoralized. Falling for C J is a hazard she did not anticipate.

There is a strong religious theme in this story as it is an inspirational romance. But all the ingredients of a hot romance are still very much part of this story.

C J does not want to settle down with one woman until he falls for Tessa then he has to rethink his plans! Meanwhile, Tessa has a lot of baggage to sort through before she can risk her heart again.

I do like how the author created her characters. They are very religious people yet they are very much human beings with problems and feelings that they have to work through. They pray and talk to God to help them on their path, but they are not pious people who are afraid to face life's challenges or to make mistakes and to learn from them.

C J is a part of a warm happy family, while Tessa arrives as an outsider. She knows who her mother and brother are and longs to be part of their lives, yet she is bound by a promise to her adoptive father.

I really enjoyed this book. It is entertaining and the passion that simmers between C J and Tessa is very hot indeed. A very good read with an interesting plot and plenty of love interest.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Mary.

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