by Christine Feehan

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0425217092
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Starting right where she ended Dark Celebration, Christine Feehan’s next Carpathian novel tells the story of Manolito De La Cruz, who was gravely injured saving his people during a vampire attack. Brought back to South America by his brothers, Manolito is supposed to be deep in healing sleep, but something has disturbed his rest. Hovering between this world and the next, he senses evil nearby but he is still too weak.

He also senses the presence of his lifemate, MaryAnn Delaney, a discovery made at Prince Mikhail’s home. The counselor for abused women does not know she is his lifemate, but he can now see color and feel emotion since they met. After centuries alone, struggling not to let the darkness overtake him, Manolito is grateful to have MaryAnn in his life. Once he is healed he will have the daunting task of convincing her to accept him.

MaryAnn has come to South America to help Jasmine recover from a vicious attack when she becomes despondent. MaryAnn is skilled enough to recognize that she is having some sort of depression episode, but cannot seem to take control of her own emotions. When Juliette and Riordan De La Cruz question her, she discovers that Manolito is her lifemate and that he came to her in a dream and marked her. His “death” is causing this severe reaction.

MaryAnn has no time for this kind of mumbo-jumbo, and certainly no plans to be tied to a man she barely met. She has no use for Alpha males like the De La Cruz brothers, and cannot wait until Manolito is healed enough to tell him so. The fact that he marked her without her consent is just one more strike against him. The sooner she can get back to her normal life, the better.

Dark Possession starts off with some disturbing issues, including the jaguar men’s attack on Jasmine and Solange, and Manolito’s deceit at marking MaryAnn during a dream. Ms. Feehan addresses these issues and makes up for it with a smoldering love story as Manolito shows MaryAnn just how much he needs her and what he is willing to do to prove his love. Dark Possession is another solid story in the Carpathian series, and with the added element of the jaguar people, more interesting stories appear to be on the horizon.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Paula.

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