by Rachel Gibson

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-117803-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Maddie Jones, alias Madeline Dupree, is a true-crime writer who has come to Truly, Idaho, to find the answers to her own past.

When Maddie was only five years old, her mother was shot by her loverís wife. Confused, upset, and scared, Maddie was left to the care of a relative while she tried to understand what had happened to her mother. Now, Maddie is back in Truly determined to write a book about her mother and the Hennessy family. It wonít be easy but Maddie is prepared to face down anything, even Mick Hennessy, the son of her motherís lover.

The murder of his father by his motherís own hand, and her subsequent suicide the same night, changed Mickís life forever. His family has long been talked about and when true-crime writer Madeline Dupree comes to town, she starts stirring the pot all over again. Mick just wants to forget the past. He has lived his life by that mantra, believing that to remember his parents will only bring about more grief and trouble. But with Maddie around, he is discovering he canít forget. He is also discovering a very strong desire for the straight-talking writer. He wants her but knows he shouldnít; she wants him but knows nothing can come of it. After all, he doesnít even know her true identity.

While I felt the secrecy of Maddieís identity was carried on a bit too long, this was my major qualm about this story. Otherwise, Rachel Gibson hit every high note in this sexy and smart romance. Maddie is no shrinking violet. She gives her opinions with no regret and her cheeky remarks definitely liven up the dialogue.

The heart of this story lies with Maddie and Mickís attempts to reconcile their past and their present. Both struggle in individual ways to let go of the past, to rise above the hurt their parents caused them. They definitely have unique ways of doing this that fit well with the characters Ms. Gibson created.

Tangled Up in You proves to be both a humorous and stirring read. Thereís plenty of sass, wit, and emotional baggage to liven up these pages.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Sarah.

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