by Irene Estep

ISBN: 1-55316-085-1
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Claire finds herself kidnapped by handsome Ryce Knight when she goes to borrow a cup of sugar for her sister. First, she finds a dead body and naturally assumes that Ryce has killed the woman. But Claire is no shrinking violet as Ryce discovers. He is running from some very unsavoury characters that want him as dead as the body Claire found.

This is an action packed romantic suspense story. The characters of Claire and Ryce are well thought out and their frantic journey to stay ahead of the villains is exciting and tension filled. As this is also a romance, the sexual tension between the hero and heroine grows with every chapter.

Claire and Ryce meet some interesting characters on their travels like Edward Hightower, the old man who lends them his truck to aid their journey. There's also Claire’s sister, Maggie, who starts out as a woman totally dependent on Claire but as the story unfolds she learns to become more independent. Of course, FBI agent Parker helps her a lot as he sees that Maggie is stronger than Claire thinks... and the fact that there is a growing attraction between them.

Plenty of romance, lots of thrills and spills. This is an action packed romance with good pace and plenty of twists and turns in the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey as Ryce, with the help of Claire, and Agent Parker plus an assortment of characters they encounter on the way, try to outwit the villains and find their happy ending.

First time I have read Irene Estep’s work and I certainly would read more by her. I was very impressed by the whole book

Reviewed in October 2002 by Mary.

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