by Dara Joy

October 1998
ISBN: 0-843-94438-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Physics has never really been considered sexy - Einstein was cute, but probably not a major pin-up boy of his day. But now we have Dara Joy, who has created the sexiest physicist known to woman, Tyberius Augustus Evans. Oh my - what a man! And Zanita Masterson might never have met him if it hadn't been for her superficial glance at adult course offerings - she'd been after "Psychics" and gone to the lecture on "Physics" instead. Thus are great romances born out of sheer coincidences!

And this really is a great romance - the plot itself revolves around journalist Zanita's attempt to secure her newspaper credentials by exposing a fake psychic healer, and Tyber's efforts to keep her out of trouble and simultaneously apply his brilliant brain to the case! But it's the characters in this book that keep one eagerly turning the pages to see what they'll do next. Tyber describes Zanita as "non-linear" (in the nicest sense) and she is delightfully whimsical and convoluted in her thinking - a wonderful contrast and challenge to the enormously intelligent Tyber.

The secondary characters are charmingly eccentric, from the ex-mathematician who now serves aboard "Captain" Tyber's ship/house as cook and housekeeper (that's what one too many equations can do to you) to Zanita's many-hatted great aunt who quite coolly murders Tyber's Harley Davidson in his own driveway. Oh, and we mustn't forget the pirate cat!

But towering over all is Tyber Evans, Dr. Evans the theoretical physicist, handsome-as-a-god Dr. Evans, intellectual genius and magnificent lover! His capacity for keeping Zanita off balance both in bed and out is limitless, and his wonderful lifestyle for which he is unashamedly unapologetic is extremely seductive. It's his character that binds this tale together, and I'd love to have been privy to Dara Joy's thought processes as she dreamed up this man!! Tyber holds us spellbound with his charm, his wit, his amazingly inventive ways of teaching fundamental concepts and his world-class buns. As I mentioned before, physics has never been like this! Perhaps Dara's books should become part of the curriculum for all Intro Physics courses - it might produce a generation of Tyber Evanses! Wow, the mind boggles.

(I note, coincidentally, that my husband is a Ph.D. in High Energy Physics, and we live in Massachusetts, but I did not allow this coincidence to color my review. I would also add that perhaps Richard Feynman could have been considered sexy - one of the very few physicists I can think of, besides my husband, that fit that description.)

Reviewed in November 2001 by Celia.

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