by Jill Gregory

May 2007
ISBN: 978-0-440-24304-5
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Mass Market Paperback

As the school year winds down, and youíre planning your summer vacation if youíre like me youíll be looking for books to pack. Iíd like to suggest the new contemporary by Jill Gregory, Wolf River.

Erinn Winters is a successful author living in New York. She didnít always live in New York. A domineering father who constantly belittled all the women in his life raised her. After her motherís tragic death Erinn became determined to run away and live life her own way.

She promised her baby sister Devon that someday she would come back for her. When she tried their father once again belittled her, and forced her away without seeing Devon.

Now Devon has also run away, and Erinn is determined to go to any means to find her. When the private investigator she has hired located Devon living in Wolf River Erinn puts aside her struggles to complete her book and rushes to Wolf River to try to make amends with her sister.

Will Erinn find something besides Devon in Wolf River? Is danger waiting? What about Erinnís inspiration to continue her book? Is true love to be found in Wolf River?

Wolf River is a gripping story that will make vacation time pass. The small western town is friendly and welcoming and makes readers wish for more to be stories to come. When the last page was turned I was left with a satisfied feeling, and look forward to Ms. Gregoryís next book.

Reviewed in June 2007 by Sandi.

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