by Delilah Devlin, Lillian Feisty, Allyson James, Sherrill Quinn, Denise Rossetti, Jory Strong

March 2007
ISBN: 1-4199-1015-9
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This collection of stories features a wide-variety of enticing settings, characters, and plots to satisfy any reader.

In Her Lance-Alot by Delilah Devlin, Lord Roland Du Bary and Lady Margaret Du Bary are newlyweds but in Margaret’s eyes, they are anything but happily-wed. Lord Roland is far from the handsome, chivalrous and clean husband she imagined she would one day wed. How can she stomach going to bed with a man willing to get married while standing in a pile of horse manure? Margaret has a plan though: Roland will have to shape up or she is going back to her convent. Will a little warm water, sudsy soap, and intimate caressing make Margaret see that beneath his dirty façade, Roland is a most worthy husband?

Roland definitely makes up for first impressions in this Medieval set story. Not only does he take his time with his new bride, but he shows her just how sweet marriage can be.

Lillian Feisty’s Dance of the Plain Jane couples Michael and Jane in an exotic and scintillating dance. Jane has seen Michael off and on in her neighborhood but has been too shy to speak to him. But now, dressed in her dancing costume and wowing the crowd with her sensual moves, Jane takes the plunge and seduces Michael. But just as they are getting hot and heavy, his phone rings and Michael has to leave. He’s in the Navy and is often called out on dangerous missions. Jane does all she can to leave an impression with him however...

Flirty and fun, Michael and Jane’s chemistry is sizzling. Jane unleashes her inner sex goddess and there is definitely no stopping her. Forget Plain Jane, this Jane is definitely going to keep Michael on his toes.

Adam Chase and his vampire lover, Lord Kenelm, are on a quest to find the daughter of Osiris in Club Vamp by Allyson James. In bustling New York City, it seems almost impossible to discover the woman Kenelm needs to save himself and continue his ancient race, but unexpectedly, reporter Helena Girard appears on the TV screen. Now it will take the combined powers of seduction of Adam and Kenelm to convince her of her ancient lineage, and to protect her from the Guardians.

Not the strongest story of the bunch. While the romance is definitely hot, James doesn’t very smoothly insert the legend surrounding Helena and it stands out in a clunky fashion within the story. Additionally, the danger never feels urgent as the characters go about making love and just ignoring the Guardians. Finally, with some oddly-phrased sexual expressions, this story just reads slightly-off.

Madison Marquette’s world is changed forever in Sherrill Quinn’s Choosing Madison. When two men suddenly appear in her living room, speaking a different language, and attempting to coerce her best friend Julie into leaving with them, Madison feels like she has entered one of the futuristic stories she writes. The situation becomes even weirder when Julie convinces Madison to leave with her, so, in the arms of two very sexy men, Madison leaves the planet.

Gaelen Brecca and Leax Ilan are bond-brothers and know instantly that Madison is the one for them. Now they just have to convince her of that fact, all while helping her become accustomed to life far away from planet earth.

This story is just plain fun. It certainly has its quirks but the love story holds it all together. Gaelen, Leax and Madison make a charming triad and it’s obvious that more than lust brings them together. Respect, humor, and growing emotions all help this unusual situation seem not so out of the ordinary.

A banshee and a devil find love together in Denise Rossetti’s Come Howling. When Maeve O’Brien comes to the offices of Bogdanovich and Marinelli, she never expects to meet Luc Kaminski. Maeve has a problem. She’s a banshee and whenever she is around someone of Irish descent, she starts to wail and cry because she can sense the possibility of death. It makes getting and holding a job very difficult, but Luc isn’t all that interested in giving Maeve a job. He’s more interested in touching her. Could Luc be the man destined to break the banshee’s curse?

Come Howling is a bit odd and reads a bit disjointedly but overall, the interactions between the main characters make it an enjoyable enough story. Luc and Maeve have always felt a bit like outcasts so watching them fall in love will warm the heart.

In the final story, Lyrael’s Sacrifice, Jory Strong presents the lustful tale of the Djinn Asrafil and his Azzura captive, Lyrael. She has seen the dream of the serpent, panther and bird and knows that means she has become the next offering to the Djinn. When she is left alone in the mountains to face the unknown, destruction or death, Lyrael must find the courage to make a new place for herself in a world that has been cloaked in mystery. She must pass three tests to become one with Asrafil. He can only hope that her bravery and courage will hold out so that they may become one forever.

Jory Strong takes readers on an adventure into the unknown with Lyrael and Asrafil. Strength and pleasure will be the ultimate goals if Lyrael can complete the three tasks. This tale sizzles with a fiery and passionate romance.

On the whole, Seasons of Seduction I proves to be romantic escapism at its best.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Sarah.