by Suzanne Barclay

December 1999
ISBN: 0-373-29091-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #491
Mass Market Paperback

Linnet has a secret that she has to keep from returning Knight Simon of Blackstock. Three years had passed since he had gone to the crusades. She had given herself to him before he left though he had not known whom the young woman was. Linnetís heart still belonged to Simon and he found himself drawn to her. Together they had a mystery to solve.

Mystery and suspicion are an integral part of this story and it takes some unravelling. Until all is revealed Simon cannot fully trust his heart to Linnet. There is much danger for the young couple and Simon needs all his power and strength as a Knight to keep them safe.

Simon, one of the Black Rose Knights is an awesome hero. Bold and handsome, he is a born protector.

Linnet the slightly built beautiful heroine is an expert in herbs and healing lotions. She loves Simon with all her heart but the secret she keeps from him is a threat, yet she dare not tell him the truth.

I did not find her weak though she couldnít be straight with Simon. I felt as a reader her reason was strong and given the time setting, 1222, it was understandable.

Suzanne Barclay has written a powerful passionate story that is well worth reading. She handled her characters well. The enemies in the story set within a church environment are many and not always obvious to the reader.

The church was a powerful force in this era of Britain and is well portrayed throughout the book.

Reviewed in October 2002 by Mary.

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