by Nina Bangs

May 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-20995-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Gerry Kavanagh works for the Paranormal Undercover Field Force, aka P.U.F.F., where it is her duty to catch the bad guys of the nonhuman kind. She is at the Castle of Dark Dreams to catch a snake, literally. While there she meets Conall O’Rourke who is less than pleased to find out her identity.

For the past eight hundred years Conall has fulfilled the terms of the curse put on him by an angry goddess. For killing her favorite Conall will serve and protect the first born of the Kavanagh line until the last descendent dies. Gerry is the last one and for the first time Conall’s client is a female. Besides desiring her sexy body, there are other facts involved which make this assignment inconvenient to say the least. Trying to convince an independent woman that he can actually help with her case for one.

Talk about obstacles! How is Gerry supposed to get any work done with Mr. Hot and Sexy dogging her every move? She is given a new case to find a serial killer that will keep her a bit longer at the Castle of Dark Dreams. When an attempt on her life is made Gerry is grateful to have Conall around. Solving this case may not be an easy task with all the nonhuman superpowers sticking their noses into Gerry’s business. Then there is Morrigan, the ticked-off goddess, who decides to complicate things even more.

Wicked Fantasy by Nina Bangs is wicked fun. Familiar characters pop up throughout the story to contribute to this sexy, action-filled plot. Gerry is at the Castle trying to do her job amid a bevy of comical creatures and cosmic troublemakers. All of which makes this story an entertaining read.

Reviewed in June 2007 by Rho.

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