by Jennifer Estep

May 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21511-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

It all started on her wedding day. Carmen Cole went in search of her groom and found him...in bed with her best friend. That wasnít all she discovered. It was the bright spandex costumes worn beneath their clothes which added insult to injury. Her fiancť was a superhero and her best friend was an ubervillain. She didnít just get angry...she got even. From that day forward Carmen pledged to unmask every last one of these so-called superheroes. Even the villains were not safe from Carmenís wrath. She was on a mission.

Carmen used her reporting skills to uncover secret identities. She was good at it. Perhaps too good. After being hired to expose the legends of all superheroes and ubervillains, the worst happened. One of the Fearless Five committed suicide shortly after being revealed by Carmen. Just like that her crusade was over. So was her career. She was demoted to covering the society beat. That was until she was kidnapped by the Terrible Triad, the worst of the worst villains. They wanted to make use of her talents by forcing her to unmask the elusive Striker of the Fearless Five. Rather than face a fate worse than death Carmen agreed to find out the real identity of Striker.

Carmen stalked Strikerís every move. It was after Striker saved her life that the tables were turned and he followed her. Neither Carmen nor Striker could have predicted the attraction that seemed to sizzle between them. Sheíd been responsible for his best friendís death and now she was trying unmask him. Why would he want anything to do with her? Why would she risk getting involved with another superhero when experience had taught her to keep her heart under lock and key? Nevertheless, Carmen and Striker team up to take down the Terrible Triad while saving their own skins in the process.

Carmen had more than one battle to fight. Her attraction to Striker wasnít going away. The connection she felt when he was near was getting stronger and threatening to distract her. Karma had a way of kicking butt when a person least expected it. Carmen knew there could never be anything between her and Striker. Well, other than the mind-blowing sex.

Karma Girl is the debut novel by Jennifer Estep. This author has a style that is both bold and witty. Readers looking for a paranormal that is a little different will enjoy this book. It is romance novel meets the comic book. Light on the romance, heavy on the comic book it is fast-paced silly fun that engages the reader from beginning to end.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Rho.

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