by Sherri L. King

September 2002
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I’m all for a book with a kick-ass heroine. And luckily, that’s exactly what Cady Swann is. And luckily, the over bearing, domineering hero gets almost as good as he gives.

Cady Swann has been fighting demons for years, ever since they attacked her family. She doesn’t know that she’s the stuff of legends to a race of warriors. Warriors who protect the earth from the same demons that Cady fights on an almost nightly basis. When Obsidian, one such warrior, is sent to find out more about the human with the strength to fight against the demons he gets a bit overly aggressive, leaving Cady, and the reader, with a less than flattering opinion of him and his kind. Especially when it comes out that he was only sent to talk to her, not to interrogate her.

On their second meeting, Cady is called on to become a bigger part in the fight against the demons that want to devour the human race and crush their enemies. And as she fights along side the other demon slayers, she and Obsidian grow closer.

Sherri King tried to create something of a balance between Cady and Obsidian. But, whether it was done intentionally or it just happened that way, Obsidian always came across as having an edge over Cady. Which irritated me and is the reason I couldn’t give Ravenous a five. I could have done without Obsidian besting Cady in every fight they had. And when he spanked Cady because she endangered her life, I was almost ready to stop reading. That she socked him, and knocked him on his butt immediately after only soothed some of my irritation over it happening in the first place.

One big plus this book has going for it is the sensual nature of many of the scenes. Anyone reading this book should be sure to settle themselves in a nice, cool air conditioned area.

Cady is an awesome heroine from beginning to end. She doesn’t waver. She knows what she wants and she goes full blast after it. Obsidian is, eventually, a likeable hero. He just needs to be taken down a notch or two. He’s a wonderful leader. And he doesn’t try to crush Cady under his heel. He respects her fighting abilities from early on, and as the book progresses, he begins to give her other strengths the respect she demands they be given. The supporting characters are well created and I’d be interested in reading more about them in future stories. Provided there’s no more spanking.

What would have made this book perfect, is if once, just once, Cady had been give the opportunity to really thrash Obsidian. Just to make things equal between them.

Reviewed in October 2002 by JaToya.

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