by Jennifer Ashley

May 2007
ISBN: 0-505-52687-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Present day, Seattle Washington

Witch Amber Silverthorne realized that her protection circle was not holding and she was going to die the same way her sister had at the hands of an ancient evil demon. Then the wind kicked up and a huge warrior burst into the warehouse with his gleaming sword raised and his leather coat flowing out from his powerful body! Amber was spellbound watching the way the man moved and how he was able to fight off the demon and save her. Knowing only that his name was Adrian and he claimed to be an immortal, against her better judgment, Amber brought the wounded man home with her. Amber was amazed at his recuperative powers and his story of his search for his long lost brother that seemed to be somehow connected with the mystery of how Susan died and the demon that was at the center of both dastardly deeds.

Created at the dawn of time by the goddess Isis, Adrian along with his brothers would be summoned when evil reared its ugly head at mankind. Fighting off dark magic creatures had kept Adrian going through his desperate centuries’ long quest to find his lost brother Tain. His hunt for Tain had alienated Adrian from his other brothers whom he had not seen since that long ago fateful day. Adrian had finally made some headway rescuing beautiful mortal witch Amber Silverthorne from the clutches of an “old-one” demon. Sensing that Amber could be the key to where Tain is being held, Adrian takes Amber with him on his newly rejuvenated search. What neither counted on was their highly volatile attraction for each other, and the serious consequences they could incur should they give in!

Immortals: The Calling by nationally bestselling romance author Jennifer Ashley kicks off a new series that will also feature Robin T Popp and Joy Nash. A potpourri of paranormal adventure Immortals: The Calling tells of Adrian’s millennia long hunt for his missing brother and is sparked by his romantic interest in mortal witch Amber and spiced up with his ragtag mystical combat group consisting of his best pal, Valerian (a dragon shape-shifter), Sabina (a werewolf), his faithful sword Ferrin who morphs into a cobra, and an assortment of vampires and mere mortals. The book has various ranges, from laugh out loud hilarity, to scorching eroticism, to very graphically written violence, so come prepared if you dare to indulge in the Immortals: The Calling. Do keep in mind that there is a cliff-hanger at the end that will continue on into the next books.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Bonnie.

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