by Lara Adrian

May 2007
ISBN: 978-0-553-58937-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

All she needs is a fresh start. That is why the young mother and infant are passengers on a bus bound for New York City. The lure of the metropolis and the promise of a future draw both the hopeful and those who would prey upon them. On this night, a warrior’s intervention will not be enough to save them from their destiny.

Gabrielle Maxwell knows that her friends want to celebrate the success of her gallery show, but she is tired and emotionally spent. An introvert by nature, she prefers to let her camera do the talking, while someone else interprets what she is trying to say. Even after she lets them talk her into going to the club, she feels like it is a mistake. The music is too loud and the crowd too raucous. Even the mysterious man she sees across the room is not enough reason to stay. Her decision to leave will start a chain of events that will alter her future.

A gang of bikers have taken a dispute outside, and a young man is surrounded. The taunts of the gang escalate into violence. As Gabby watches in horror, the beating turns bestial and the bikers tear their victim apart, revealing their true vampiric natures. The photographer in Gabrielle takes over, snapping shots on her camera phone even as she calls for help. After she escapes in the taxi, a Breed warrior steps in to eliminate the Rogues and clean up the scene. Lucan Thorne has been hunting Rogues for centuries and tonight is no different than any other night, except that this time there was a witness. He will have to find her and see just exactly what images were captured on her camera.

Author Lara Adrian introduces readers to her new series, Midnight Breed, with Kiss of Midnight. We meet Lucan and several other warriors who have waged war against the Rogues for eons. Lucan and his brethren are very interested in what Gabrielle has seen, especially when he discovers that she bears the mark of a Breedmate.

This novel sets a good tone for future books. There is plenty of passion and action, and unlike other similar series, some of the men already have mates. This adds a female perspective that will help Gabrielle when she learns the truth about her role. There is a key theme about alienation running through the book that gives the storyline greater depth. Gabrielle has always felt like an outsider in the world, that she has no place in it, only observes it. Lucan, by virtue of his first-generation birth, is also an outsider to some degree. As one of the oldest warriors, he has seen many succumb to the bloodlust and faces that battle himself. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Paula.

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