by Susan Grant

October 2002
ISBN: 0-505-52499-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Dorchester Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

It was supposed to be a routine flight to Hawaii. The last flight for Jordan Cady before a two week vacation in Colorado at her parents ranch with her beloved daughter Roberta "Boo". The flight soon becomes anything but routine as no matter what the pilots do to avoid it, they are headed right for the center of a storm cell.

In fact United Flight 58 has not passed through a storm cell but rather they have been rescued by the starcruiser, Savior. A comet has destroyed earth and the commander of the Savior, Illya Moray has saved the people of Flight 58 by taking their entire airplane safely into his spaceship. CONTACT with the aliens has been made.

Soon after landing, the pilot of Flight 58 has a heart attack and dies and First Officer, Jordan now finds herself in charge of the safety and welfare of the remaining 289 passengers and crew. Illya sends his son Kao, to make contact with the earth people and explain their situation to them.

After their initial shock at learning of their planet's demise the passengers of Flight 58 must learn to communicate with their rescuers and plan for a life in another world. Jordan and Kao as the liaisons between the cultures must learn to trust each other as they find themselves attracted to each other. They must put this trust to the test as it is discovered that all is not as it should be on the starship Savior.

AWESOME is the word I would use to describe this most recent offering from author Susan Grant. While the story line is rather difficult to describe in a few short paragraphs without giving too much away, this book had me hooked from the first few pages. Her experience as an airline pilot helps Ms. Grant give the reader a real feel for what might happen in such a situation as is portrayed in her book.

Ms. Grant gives us a very real look into the pilots sense of responsibility for the passengers they are entrusted with as they fly the friendly skies. Which have become not so friendly since the events of September 2001. Ms. Grant deals with these recent events in our history and handles them in a very dignified way.

With her previous books Ms. Grant has created a new genre of aviation romance with her stories. She has once again proven that there is no one better at telling this type of story. Contact has a bit more suspense than her previous titles. For this review I have classified this book as Science Fiction however it's also contemporary, romantic suspense, futuristic, paranormal, in other words it could be put into any of these categories. If you are a fan of any of these genres you will love Contact.

Many times I anticipate a book by a favorite author only to be disappointed when finally reading said book. This was not the case with Contact . I believe this to be Ms. Grant's best book to date. If you have read Ms. Grant's previous books then run don't walk to grab a copy of Contact ...I think you will be amazed. If you have not read any of Ms. Grant's previous works then pick up a copy of Contact and be prepared to search out her back list.

I have no doubt that Contact will be on my list of top books of 2002. I eagerly await her next release.

Reviewed in October 2002 by Barbara.

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