by Anthology

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-22039-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Trade Paperback

Bring together four fantastic romance authors, ask them to write stories that contain dragons, and settle in for an entertaining trip as you read Dragon Lovers.

Jo Beverly starts off with The Dragon and the Virgin Princess, a tale of warring people who have an uneasy truce so long as the dragon of Dorn can sup on the blood of Saragondís untouched princess every eight years. Princess Rozlinda chafes at the duties she has inherited, being eager yet afraid for her term as the chosen one to end. After all, the dragon only takes a little blood, it is not like she is on the dinner menu. After the disaster seven years ago, when her sisterís beau killed the dragon, the country has been anxiously awaiting Dornís next emissary. Will they remain at peace or will Rozlindaís visions mean war?

Mary Jo Putney follows with the Dragon and the Dark Knight. Mercenary knight Sir Kenrick of Rathbourne offers to assist William of Penruth. The baron is looking for a champion to slay a marauding dragon who is setting villages ablaze. Every knight he has sent to the dragonís island has disappeared, so William hopes hiring an outsider will prove more successful. Kenrick arrives on the island just in time to save a young woman from being assaulted. But why would a young woman willingly live on this island. Isnít she in danger from the dragon? Kenrick thinks there may be more to this tale than he has been told.

Karen Harbaugh takes readers to medieval Japan in her story, Anna and the King of Dragons. Dutch healer Anna Vanderzee gazes into the deep lake, pondering her future. With the death of her parents, she is alone in a foreign land, unable to pay for passage back to Holland. She considers what choices she has, and decides that suicide is not the answer. She will honor her parentsí memories by surviving and gain strength from their sacrifice. As she decides to return to the village, she slips and plunges into the lake, only to be rescued by the dragon that lived in the lake. In return for her freedom, she promises to come back, bringing some of her books to the curious creature, which appears to be interested in learning about the outside world.

Santa Fe is the setting for Barbara Samuelís Native American tale called Dragon Feathers. Widow Penny Freeman hopes that a fresh start in Santa Fe will be just what she needs. Being accepted to study with renowned weaver Maria Libelula brought her here, and now she hopes to stay. The little adobe house she found needs work, but it seems to speak to her. The brightly colored feather she finds inside must be a good omen.

These four stories were all unique and extremely entertaining. I could not decide on a favorite, but enjoyed each one on its own merits.

Reviewed in June 2007 by Paula.

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