by Lisa Cach

February 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4165-1330-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

For Emma Mayson, cleaning houses is just a means to an end. Her dream is to finally become the architect of amazing buildings, grand arches, and sleek designs. Until then, she does what she has to do to pay rent, student loans, and all the other bills life seems to throw at her.

Her big and most unexpected break comes in the form of Russ Carrick, a handsome, wealthy and reclusive businessman. Emma has recently been hired to clean his house. She even offers to cook him some meals, an offer she rarely makes for her clients. And thatís how it all begins. A teasing conversation about being a mistress becomes misconstrued when Russ takes Emma up on her offer...her cooking offer that is! But the cat is out of the bag and Emma believes she is now Russí mistress!

He knows he needs to set her straight, but Russí barren and lonely life has just gotten a lot brighter with Emma around. Though he knows that is no excuse, he canít help wanting to be wanted by this vivacious woman. But what happens when love starts getting in the way?

The Erotic Secrets of a French Maid is the slightly unconventional but thoroughly irresistible tale from Lisa Cach. Emma is an independent, ambitious and modern woman, make no mistake. But sometimes the most unlikely of solutions are the answers to problems we did not even know we had, and in the case of Russ, he provides the companionship, fun, love, and erotic romance that Emma has been missing. Ms. Cach cleverly sets up the dichotomy between Emmaís career goals and how her new personal situation is affecting her.

Russ is a sweetie. Heís a bit of a bumbler, not a ladies man to be sure, and as out of place in the new mistress situation as Emma. They make an unlikely pair, but they also have a lot of issues to work out before a realistic relationship can ever be realized.

Lisa Cach issues no judgments about her characters in this story. Itís up to the reader to decide how she feels about Emma and Russ, but I think most readers will agree that these characters make for interesting reading.

Reviewed in February 2007 by Sarah.

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