by Diane Gaston

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-29440-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #840
Mass Market Paperback

Jameson Flynn is secure in his ambition to succeed until one summer's evening at Vauxhall Gardens, when a womanís song reminds him of the world he left behind.

Rose OíKeefe is Vauxhall's newest sensation, a young woman pining for love among the pleasure seekers of the night. The man who can make or break Flynnís career wants Rose as his mistress. Soon, Flynn will have to choose what matters to him most--success or love.

As far as romances go, this was tame at best. Unfortunately, Ms. Gaston failed to keep my attention for very long. The characters didn't touch me as past characters have and the story line not very interesting.

I have enjoyed Diane Gaston's books in the past, but this one was a disappointment. Will I read her again?...definitely. One mediocre book will not turn me off that easily.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Debbie.

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