by Sahara Kelly

September 2002
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Have you ever wondered if the London Ton of regency times were all nice, polite, and straight laced? Have you ever wondered if some of the good girls had a curiosity about sexual feelings besides the marriage bed? Or whether some of the men experimented with women aside from a one on one basis? This story is based on the premise that there was a darker side to some of the Ton and they explored it willingly. They used creative and unconvential methods of that time frame to experiment with their bodies and their feelings.

That is what makes this story a unique delight. It is based on the idea that a noble Lord uses a very risqué method of finding his future mate. The ideas presented in this story were a true work of creative imagination because they showed a true sense of human nature in a time that it was appalling to think of men as men and women as women.

The story starts with Lady Miranda getting ready to face a challenge. A challenge that would make or break her future. Her home is being foreclosed and she has no means to save it. With courage and spirit she decides to take a man up on a bet he made in haste. The bet has been long standing and many women have dared to try and meet it’s terms. Many women have failed. Miranda has too much at stake to fail and she knows it.

A very good friend of hers helps her prepare for the challenge of a lifetime. They read books on the subject. They used various equipment to practice the art of sex and sexuality. They satisfy their every curiosity. When Miranda receives the invitation to test her luck, she is more than ready for the dare the invitation holds.

Miranda makes her way into the home, life and heart of Lord Nicholas Barbour prepared to win.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Katy.

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