by Robyn Carr

May 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2429-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Are there many amongst the most dedicated of readers who donít just love it when a favorite author decides to write a connected series? Robyn Carr is a fairly new to me author, but I know that she has written a connected series previous to her Virgin River novels. After having now read book one, Virgin River, and book two Shelter Mountain, I can hardly contain my excitement for book three, Whispering Rock.

Iím sure Iím not alone when I say it seems to be rarer and rarer for a book to draw me in from page one and not let me go until the last page is turned. Shelter Mountain is such a book.

Ms. Carr has created a wonderful town, and characters that are easily visualized as real people. As you read you canít help but be drawn into the town, and the people of it. Hopefully somewhere out there is the real life inspiration for this series.

Shelter Mountain introduces us to Paige Lassiter, and her young son Christopher. Paige is running from an abusive relationship and a wrong turn lands her not only in Virgin River, but at the bar run by Preacher, a former marine and his buddy Jack. Paige plans on continuing to run, but finds the peacefulness of Virgin River, and the caring of its residents just a bit too much to pass through quickly.

As time passes the relationship between Paige and Preacher grows and flourishes. It, however, isnít the only relationship flourishing. So is the relationship of Preacher and Christopher. It was heartwarming to read of a giant of a man being so soft and gentle and helping to heal two broken souls.

Lately Iíve been disappointed with the middle book of a trilogy. Iíve found them to be rushed, and not as enjoyable as books one and two. In this case I was even more enthralled with Shelter Mountain than I had been with Virgin River, and ever so glad that I have waiting for me Whispering Rock.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Sandi.

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