by Catherine Sellers

ISBN: 1-57343-048-X
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What would happen if you discovered that the child stolen from you fourteen years ago, and that you thought was dead, suddenly appeared on the front page of a newspaper? It happens to Jillian Burke, and in an instant, her whole life is turned upside down.

Gathering her courage, she goes to San Antonio to find out what happened to her son. Intending to confront the woman who stole him, she finds herself instead facing the boy’s father, Grayson Del Rio. Grayson, or Gray as he’s called, has no patience with the impostor who shows up at his door. His son is his pride and joy, and no one will take him away.

But Jillian is his mother, and she’s determined to prove it. She knows DNA testing will show that she’s the boy’s mother, but she also knows it will show that Gray is not the boy’s real father, and probably break his heart. What can she do?

I loved this book. From a premise that was a bit shaky at first, Catherine Sellers builds a solid story about deception, love, and learning to trust. Her characters are interesting and well rounded. The emotions in the story are real, and sweep you right into the story. You find yourself hoping that everything will turn out right for courageous Jillian and her son, Christian. Will Christian ever know his real parents? What can Jillian do to ease Gray’s pain at discovering his wife’s terrible deceit? I encourage you to read Suddenly Love and find out!

Reviewed in October 2002 by Jennifer.

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