by Judy Gill

January 2003 Reissue
ISBN: 1-58749-337-3
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Renegade is Renny Knight’s nickname. ‘Renegade Knight’. A hotshot skier, a champion cross-country skier and adventurer. But now he’s back in town. He’s back to find out what has happened to the woman he just can’t forget – the one he married.

According to the terms of Renny’s grandfather's will he had to be married before his thirtieth birthday. When Jacqueline heard that, she proposed he marry her, and he accepted. That gave him the financing Renny needed to take the sailing trip around the world he’d always wanted.

But what about Jacqueline? She married him to get a baby! But after deciding it wasn't the right thing to do after all, she encouraged him to leave.

And now he’s back, and Jacqueline is about to tell him the truth. That she lied... she was pregnant and knew it when she told him to leave but she miscarried at four months. Renny is stunned, but determined not to miss this chance at happiness, for he’s convinced that Jacquline is the woman for him, and is determined to prove it.

The rest of the book is about a woman emptying her emotional baggage on Renny’s shoulders. I couldn’t like Jacqueline, her sob story about growing up all alone and unloved was pathetic, and her mood swings made me grit my teeth all through the book. She is perhaps the most aggravating heroine ever to annoy me.

The story drags on. They make love. She cries. They make love some more. He begs her to talk to him. She starts to speak and runs out of the room. Emotions batter them, and yet Renny hangs on and stays. So did I. I managed to finish the book. For Renny and Jacqueline, the ending is a happy one. I was glad too – glad to have finally finished the book.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Jennifer.

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